The Most Comprehensive Dubai Yacht Charter Guide

The Most Comprehensive Dubai Yacht Charter Guide

Similar to finding the perfect holiday, the process of finding a luxury yacht charter can often turn into a tedious task. Whether you are first-timer or someone who has already been on a luxury yacht voyage, we compiled here some useful tips and tricks to choose the best yacht charter for your upcoming trip. Yes, tips to lower yacht tour Dubai price and to find a yacht in line with your size and style requirements are also mentioned, so read through to know more:


Before you start scouting for a reliable yacht charter company that can serve your cruise requirements, you’ll need to draw up a realistic budget for the voyage. The budget should cover all the necessary expenses such as the rental charge, transportation cost to and from the charter location, and additional amenities such as food, which is need for the cruise. By working with a clear budget in mind, you can quickly narrow down on your choices and make your life a whole lot easier. Also, if you are adamant on a particular yacht but fall short of the required budget, talk to your yacht charter broker, and perhaps they can help you with a better deal.

Yacht Tour Dubai Price

Bigger May Not Always Be Better

The size of your luxury yacht should be directly dependent on how many guests you wish to take on the cruise with you. If it’s a small group of 2-5 guests, then a smaller yacht will prove to be sufficient than a larger boat having a capacity of 50 or more. Once again, choosing a yacht based on your specific requirements will help you to cut down on the overall expenses significantly. Lastly, if you are planning to have overnight guests, we sure to opt for a vessel that has enough lodging facilities.

Why Opt for a Luxury Yacht in the First Place?

If you are seeking exclusivity, privacy, and on the whole a memorable charter experience, then luxury yachts are the way to go. These yachts are designed to provide its guest with a five-star experience and are built to offer stability even in rough sea conditions. You can opt to hire luxury yachts if you are planning a weekend getaway trip with your family, a party with your friends, or for a corporate meeting.

Why Opt for a Luxury Yacht in the First Place?

Additional Amenities

If you are planning to rent the luxury yacht to host a party, you will need to have decorations and a good quality sound system in place. Similarly, if it’s a business meet-up, you’ll need the necessary amenities to ensure that it is conducted without any glitches. Luckily most luxury yacht charter providers in the UAE are more than happy to cater to specific requests but be clear with them about your requirements from the initial meet-up itself. Lastly, if you are after an adventure, you are in luck; yacht charter providers do provide you the option to engage in water sport activities ranging from jet skiing to paddle boating.

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